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Sentence to think about :   GuppY ? There is there is less good but it is more expensive !


Nu lancere vi igen hjemmesiden, i en ny version.

Efter en periode med store forandringer af GuppY CMS, som ligger langt fra den første version, som vi deltog i omkring udvikling, GuppY CMS ver. 4., er vi nu fuldt overgået til GuppY CMS ver. 6.

Du er velkommen til at tilmelde dig hjemmesiden, også hvis du kun har spørgsmål, brug vores forum, så andre kan få glæde af resultaterne for din spørgsmål.

MicCo deltager ikke længere i udviklingen af GuppY CMS, men tilbyder stadig at installere og vedligeholde hjemmesider der benytter sig af GuppY CMS.

MicCo er stadig hovedsponsorer for www, for hvad angår hosting, domæne og vedligeholdelse, donationer modtages med taknemmelighed.

Velkommen og god fornøjelse.

Vh. Webmaster @

OBS: Denne hjemmeside er opbygget med en standard installation af GuppY CMS ver. 6 og fuldt oversat til Dansk af MicCo for


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GuppY 6 discovery

Having an impeccable website on mobiles, tablets and computers is, today, an obligation for all webmasters!

Based on a "mobile-first" development with Bootstrap, GuppY 6 will adapt to different screen sizes with a rendering optimized for each device, with a perfectly responsive site using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery plugins.

The creators of plugins, of skins propose their creations to you to enrich the functions and the design of the sites, they are available on GuppYLand.

GuppY 6 ensures the compatibility of your site with all recent browsers, we recommend the use of Firefox for the protection of your data and your private life.

GuppY 6 is free, you can download it and try it, on the GuppY Help Center, you will find the documentation and on the forum you will be able to ask your questions.

Good discovery !!!

The GuppY Team


Latest news item

GuppY 6 as download - 25/06/2020 @ 19:26 by GuppY_Team

After one year of work, GuppY 6 is available for download!

We propose you to download it, to test it to see what changes have been made to the set for display on all screens, whatever the size.

The easiest way is to install GuppY 6 and to navigate with your smartphone, immediately you see the difference, totally responsive, "mobile-first", for all pages including admin, more modern, more airy with the integration of Bootstrap.

You can continue with a tablet, a laptop or a desktop pc, the display will be automatically adapted to the screen size, it's simple, it's convenient but this requires to constantly think "mobile-first", to think first about the content because visitors are connected for the content.

Good luck!


The last note

Your blog with GuppY 6  -  by GuppY_Team

With GuppY 6, your blog benefits from the general evolution for display on all screens, your post will be able to be displayed and read everywhere, the only condition is to have a device with an internet connection whether it is WiFi, 4G...

You only have to take care of the content of your ticket, GuppY will do the rest, but the important thing being the content, it is up to you to decide!

You can categorize your posts, accept user posts, comments with or without administrator confirmation. For the security of your blog, it seems preferable to select Administrator confirmation if only to avoid inappropriate content.

It's your choice!


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